Looking to purchase or retain UK buy-to-lets as a non-resident landlord?

NRLS registration services, foreign investor tax advice & more.

What is the Non-Resident Landlord Scheme (NRLS)?

Landlords who live abroad but own buy-to-let properties on UK soil – either residential or commercial – still need to pay tax on their rental income.

The Non-Resident Landlord Scheme enables HMRC to tax overseas landlords by collecting the tax directly from their letting agents, tenants and/or tenant finders.

Alternatively, with permission from HMRC, non-resident landlords can choose to pay all their tax via their self-assessment tax return.

In either scenario, if you spend six months or more living outside the UK per year, you’re considered a non-resident landlord; which means you’ll need to register with NRLS along with your letting agent (or your tenants if you don’t have a letting agent and your tenants are paying more than £100 a week in rent). Any tenant finders you employ may also have to register with the scheme.

How the Property Tax Guys can help

Whether you’re a UK expat looking to retain ownership of your existing property portfolio, or you’re an overseas investor looking to tap into the UK property market, the Property Tax Guys can provide bespoke accounting services expert buy-to-let tax advice built on more than 30 combined years of accounting and tax expertise.

Our team can lend a hand with:

  • Identifying whether your portfolio is subject to NRL tax
  • Registering you, your letting agent & your tenants with NRLS
  • Applying to HMRC for permission to pay via self-assessment
  • Processing your self-assessment & NRL1i form
  • Guiding foreign investors through the UK market & tax rules
  • Helping you find high-yield UK properties & secure mortgages

For more information on non-resident landlord tax and property investment strategy for overseas investors, call the Property Tax Guys on 0208 090 2604 or email us at info@propertytaxguys.co.uk today.