Worried about the inheritance tax on your property investment estate?

Mitigate or eliminate IHT liability & protect your portfolio’s value for your loved ones.

Why inheritance tax is a big deal

Nobody likes to think about their own passing. But planning for the future is absolutely essential for protecting the value of your property portfolio after you’ve gone.

The bad news is, inheritance tax currently stands at a whopping 40% – robbing your family of almost half of your estate. Plus, inheritance tax must be paid before any of your investment properties can be placed on the market; potentially leaving your children with a distressing tax bill that they can’t afford to pay.

The good news is, with strategic tax planning, you can mitigate or even eliminate your inheritance tax liability; ensuring your loved ones receive everything you’ve passed down to them. That’s where the Property Tax Guys come in.

IHT mitigation & succession planning experts in West London

As expert property tax advisors with more than 30 combined years of buy-to-let tax and accountancy knowledge, you can trust us to deliver the perfect inheritance tax mitigation strategy to address your current and future financial needs.

From trusts to SPVs, portfolio restructuring to life insurance; our team can offer a range of succession planning solutions tailored to your circumstances. We’ll not only help you pass on your wealth with minimal or no tax costs, but we can also assist in building your wealth for your family in the first place by optimising your portfolio’s tax savings and profits.

Plus, we can also provide solutions for passing on your investments without undermining your current income streams; so you can plan for the future while still enjoying the here and now.

The Property Tax Guys provide IHT mitigation advice and succession planning for clients in West London and across the UK; offering peace of mind for property investors and their loved ones. Find out how we can help you protect your wealth today – call us on 0208 090 2604 or email us at info@propertytaxguys.co.uk.