Being investigated by the taxman?

Don’t panic – the Property Tax Guys can help you avoid unwarranted HMRC penalties and unnecessary stress.

What is an HMRC investigation?

HMRC regularly carries out inspections (also known as tax compliance checks) to ensure businesses are paying the correct amount of tax; and to expose those who commit tax fraud.

Plenty of things can trigger an HMRC investigation; from clear account discrepancies to honest bookkeeping mistakes. An investigation may cover:

  • Your accounts and tax returns
  • Income tax and/or corporation tax payments
  • PAYE records (or ‘pay as you earn’)
  • VAT (or ‘value added tax’)
  • CIS (or ‘Construction Industry Scheme’ tax)
  • IR35 (or ‘disguised employee’ tax avoidance)
  • SDLT (or ‘stamp duty land tax’)
  • CGT (or ‘capital gains tax’)
  • IHT (or ‘inheritance tax’)
  • Any other tax or accounting issues

HMRC also conducts a handful of audits and investigations completely at random; so even if you’ve received a letter from them, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong!

How can a tax investigation accountant help?

It can be intimidating to be under a tax investigation by HMRC; especially if you’re a solo property investor and your business records aren’t up to date. Plenty of landlords and developers choose to accept tax penalties rather than assisting with investigations, or get hit with penalties simply because their accounts aren’t up to the HMRC’s standards.

But don’t be paralysed by fear, uncertainty and doubt; just leave it all to us!

As professional tax investigation accountants with more than 30 years of shared property tax expertise, the Property Tax Guys always strive to save our clients from unnecessary HMRC penalties.

We’ll work closely with you to gather evidence and fill in any gaps in your business records. What’s more, we’ll take care of all the necessary paperwork and liaise directly with your case investigator to get your audit resolved; quickly and with minimum stress.

With a tax expert in your corner, you’re free to relax and focus on what you do best. All your data will be handled in strict compliance with GDPR rules for complete peace of mind.

To find out more about our tax investigation support services, or to get help with your HMRC audit today, call the Property Tax Guys on 0208 090 2604 or email us at